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The graphics show - Your event will become an adventure !

A graphic show is an ideal platform for providing information. Companies and established brands can leave their guests with a lasting impression when they use our technology.

Elaborate technology and programmed 3D-Effects focus the eyes on a modern and future oriented image. By reducing the graphics to the essentials, you achieve a high rate of rememberance, especially important when introducing new products in competition with more boring presentations.

Because laser projections don´t have to be focused on a point, they are also in focus on uneven and slanted surfaces. This also allows projections to be made over longer distances, for example on a mountain or the facade of a house.


Our Graphic design studio:

Whether you want "only" your company logo or even a full animated graphics board using a storyboard, no problem. With the 3D StudioMAX, our graphics department is able to put almost any of your wishes into reality.

You can send us your logo as an image file, we digitize it and then we can integrate your logo into one of our existing shows. You have your logo or the product to be presented already as vector file or 3D format, the better this we can use after a small optimization immediately and create from them a small animation.

Let your creativity run wild and unlike many of our competitors, we give your show the necessary touch emotion to make it unforgettable in your pupil.

Jubiläum Eurofighter in der Flugwerft Oberschleißheim. Laseranimation, Lasergrafik
Jubiläum Eurofighter in der Flugwerft Oberschleißheim. Laseranimation auf durchsichtiger Gase-Leinwand. So scheint die Projektion im Raum zu schweben.
Laser- Mapping für BMW M3 Präsentation, Mapping der Outline mit Laser.
Laser- Mapping für BMW M3 Präsentation, Mapping der Outline mit Laser.
Wasserleinwand, Laserprojektion auf Wasserleinwand
Eine Wasserleinwand ist eine weiter faszinierende Möglichkeit für eine Laserprojektion.

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